July 7, 2009

How can I overcome the user name and password, I loaded ubuntu onto my new comp but I cant for the life of me remember putting in a user name or password.

I have tried to ans the similar question.Please follow the procedure i have...

I have tried to ans the similar question.
Please follow the procedure i have posted below:

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Do you mean that the log in interface of Ubuntu is annoying you whenever you power on your computer?

You can disable it and select auto login instead.

Go to System => Administration => Login Window => Security
Then check on Enable Automatic Login, and choose the username (or type it) in the field below it to determine which user can have this option.

But notice that this poses a security/privacy risk for portable devices (such as laptops) or computers in public places/work place, etc...

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If you want to recover your password try this....

If you want to recover your password try this.

Turn on your computer, and as soon as you the Press Esc to enter grub message, press the escape key.

Select the option that says (recovery mode).

Your PC will boot into a shell. Once you get a command prompt, type “passwd username” where the username is your username.

Enter a new password when prompted, and again when prompted again

Type reboot to reboot your system

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