April 25, 2014

How can i Reconfigure the LINUX operation system interface into Northern Sotho?

linux interface

Dumela, o kae?...

Dumela, o kae?

Sesotho Lebowa interface.....excellent idea!

Perhaps this could be an excellent project for the Limpopo university in Polokwane and one should involve both IT and language students.

You may lean a lot about how this is done if you contact www.rsg.co.zo and ask to talk to the presenter of "Die Tale Wat Ons Praat." The Afrikaans radio station is very much pro-indigenous language development and just today mentioned same on the radio. 18 May 2014. The Station Manager is Magdaleen Kruger and she will surely point you to the correct person to speak to. Her email address: magdaleen [at] rsg.co.za and she is the presenter of this programme. http://www.rsg.co.za/Program/48/Die-tale-wat-ons-praat

Liaise also with the development teams of LibreOffice and Mozilla.org. A further suggestion is to contact the Afrikaans language department of Potch (Tlokwe) University as they also are very much pro-indigenous languages.

Modimo a o hlonelefatse!

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You give very little information to reply to....

You give very little information to reply to.

Running a search for the language throws up only one distro quickly that lists Northern Sotho in its support. Scientific Linux.

This is limited, system wide to the hunspell dictionary for Northern Sotho, and the LibreOffice landguage pack "libreoffice-langpack-nso".

I have checked the Debian 7 repo for the "hunspell-nso" and it doesn't appear to be there. The packages for Iceweasel (FF) and libreoffice and open office are there.

This seems to be the limit of support. You should be able to get the hunspell language pack to work in any distro with a bit of work. The mozila family of browsers should be able to use the package from Firefox or Iceweasle (Debian rebranded FF). LibreOffice seems to universally support the language.

Linux is developed by folks that contribute code to it. This includes translations. You could look into doing translations and maybe recruiting more translators for Norther Sotho.

I hope this is of some assistence to you.

More information, like what distro you are using, how much support you want or need for the language would be helpful for a fuller responce to your query.

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