October 9, 2016

How can I setup Firewall rules step-bt step and command-by-command in Linux Tails for a home user?

In the manual for Tails it says the following: Firewall
In order to prevent accidental leaks of information, proxy bypass attacks on Tor and similar, the access to the Internet MUST be heavily restricted by a firewall:
All non-TCP transport layer protocols SHOULD be dropped as they are not supported by the Tor network.
All TCP traffic not explicitly targeting Tor SHOULD be redirected to the transparent proxy (i.e. to the TransPort as set in torrc); alternatively this traffic SHOULD be dropped (then only applications explicitly configured to use Tor will reach the Internet).
All DNS lookups SHOULD be made through the Tor network (i.e. redirected to DNSPort as set in torrc).
All IPv6 traffic SHOULD be forbidden as it is not supported by the Tor network.
Note that the above is not necessary (or desirable) for local network (RFC1918) addresses; it is RECOMMENDED to special-case DNS queries though as some home gateways and captive wifi portals reply the public IP provided by the ISP when one asks information about themselves to their DNS resolver (source: The State of the DNS and Tor Union (also: a DNS UDP - TCP shim) thread on the or-talk mailing list).
Any exception to these rules MUST be thoroughly thought through and properly documented. If an action that is excepted from the above rules is user initiated, that MUST be made obvious to the user, and user opt-out MUST be offered, if possible.

I want to know if I can get a step-by-step instructions to create this set of rules in the form of which commands I need to enter to accomplish this. Please help

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