November 13, 2015

How can I use Linux for internet and Windows 7 for applications?

Could I forget about Windows updates if I were to use Linux for going to the internet and continue to use Windows 7 for my applications? I have a lot of proprietary software that is designed for W7 and cannot afford to replace it. However, I am afraid to go to the internet with unupdated W7 because of internet security issues. However, I am tired of fighting MS trying to force me to upgrade to W10. I live in a rural area with limited, metered internet service and cannot afford the data overruns I have already had from MS efforts to sneak W10 onto my computer.

Any recommendations for the easiest way to do this? I lost my W7 disk and cannot start from scratch. Thanks.

You have a couple of options. You can dual boot Linux and Windows 7, or you...

You have a couple of options. You can dual boot Linux and Windows 7, or you could have one operating system as your host operating system and another as your guest operating system using a virtualization tool like VirtualBox or VMware Player. Dual booting for your situation would be tedious, so I would recommend the latter approach.

If you had Linux as your host OS, Windows 7 could be your guest OS and you could turn off the networking feature for Windows 7. That way you could browse using Linux and still have access to your Windows 7 apps without having to run Windows updates.

A Linux distro I suggest for this would be Linux Lite. You can visit them at If you join their support forum, you'll have access to other users who can help you implement this.

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