September 3, 2015

How do I add a printer in Linux?

how to add a printer in linux?

Answer to the question

Computer users have different needs If you want to print some paper so printers are so important. Adding a printer to Linux may seem different from other operating systems. So I am sharing with you tips and tricks to add a printer on your Linux operating system. See the bellow : 

  • Turn on your printer and connect to your computer.
  • Turn on your computer and see it your printer will be detected automatically.
  • If it does not appear automatically, go through the add printer wizard as superuser. Click administrator mode (enter your password) and you will have a red border.
  • Click on Add button, then new printer to launch the wizard.
  • Choose your connection type | Driver type
  • Depending on the type of printer connection you’ve selected, you may need to provide printer drivers. This tool will provide you with a list of printer drivers available in the format database. Select the manufacturer of your printer and look for its model number in the list.

Note: If Don’t see your exact model number of the printer in the list? Look for the closest model number and try it.

  • After setting up the printer in this way after that, you can definitely print a test page to confirm that the printer driver you selected worked properly.

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CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) is one of the best ways in which printer...

CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) is one of the best ways in which printer management is handled in Linux. Assuming you have installed CUPS you can access the CUPS interface with your browser by entering localhost:631 into your browser's URL. The CUPS interface provides a very straightforward user interface to discover local and network printers, then to add them to the list of printers which CUPS can manage, along with the proper PPD files to drive the printer.

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