June 4, 2013

How do I back up to an external drive?

I realize the importance of backing my stuff up on a regular basis. As a newbie to Linux, I would like to make this a habit rather than a chore. I have a 500GB Seagate Expansion Portable Drive that I would like to use as my backup device. I really am very bewildered about how to do this as Seagate do no support this device for Linux, other than saying, it should work. My computer is a Fujitsu Siemens Li 3710 laptop with a dual core Intel Pentium processor running at 2Ghz. I have a 160GB hard drive that has a dual boot of Linux Mint 15 and Linux Mint Debian Edition, (both with Cinnamon). I would like to be able to back up both OSs to the Seagate. I think Simple Backup is the suitable choose for my needs. I've searched to web for understandable instructions or, advice to no avail. Maybe someone here can help me. I have to emphasize, please keep it simple. I really looking forward to getting this beast up and running and learning something in the process.

Let's start with the portable drive. I'll assume it is mounted on /media/HD ...

Let's start with the portable drive. I'll assume it is mounted on /media/HD (Look into /etc/fstab configuration for automounting)
I'll also assume LMDE is mounted at /media/LMDE
I'll assume you are backing up while using LM15

In the command line (I know, scary, but very powerful)

tar -zcf /media/HD/myback.tar.gz ~/ /media/LMDE/home/Your_User

z = compress with gzip
c = create tar
f = file name that will store all files
/media/HD/myback.tar.gz = This creates the backup tar file in a directory on the portable drive with a extension of .tar (archive) .gz (compressed with gzip)
After this designate all files/directories to be backed up.
~/ = Designates your home directory as a folder to backup. This includes Videos, Documents, Desktop, etc..
/media/LMDE/home/Your_User = Same thing as above but for the LMDE drive.

Hopefully I explained this simply enough. It is more complicated then a point and click, but if you understand this, you will be able to backup MUCH more effectively for future backup problems. Please do not simply copy and paste and hope it works :D

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I don't know of any backup programs for linux...

I don't know of any backup programs for linux
Try these
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I would suggest backing up your personal files on DVDs. All your files are in your /home folder.

To burn files to a DVD
1: Insert the DVD
2: Open Brasero [It's already on Linux MINT]
3: Select the files and folders you want to copy.

Also, in the future, choose to have you /home folder as a separate partition (section) if it gives you the option. The Linux CD Installer might ask if you want to do that, when you install Linux.

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I usually using Norton Backup in Boot mode and I never lost any OS in my...

I usually using Norton Backup in Boot mode and I never lost any OS in my times. Just try it. is not important what OS use.
But stay informed for better and professional Answer cause I'm not very pro :D

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