May 1, 2016

How do I boot my system after receving the following error message: No init found. Try passing init= bootarg.

I have a much older version of Linux. My power source to my laptop was cutoff suddenly and when I went to reboot the system, I received the following error message: "No init found. Try passing init= bootarg." I don't have an installation CD. Is there any way to repaor my system without one and, if so, how?

Your assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!


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I looks like your boot partition got corrupted when the power was lost. Perhaps your hard drive was in the middle of writing something and was unable to finish. 

"Init" is the initiation program that helps the kernel load the necessary components to the /root directory of your boot partition. If the kernel cannot not find it, your system can't boot.

One of two things you can do. You can boot a liveCD of another Linux distro (knoppix is a good one, or ubuntu), run #sudo fdisk -l, to list the hard drives and their paritions on your system, find the partition that holds the bootloader (partition with this symbol "*" next to it) and run "fsck". Fsck will try to fix the corrupted areas on your partition or hard drive. When it is done, reboot.

The second option is to use grub-rescue and manually set the hard drive and partition that grub will boot the system with. This option can come in handy if you have another partition on your hard drive that has another Linux distro installed. Sometimes, grub looses the list of operating systems to load and the user will have to manully give it a partition to boot. To get to "grub-rescue", in the grub boot menu, select the kernel that has "grub recovery" next to it or something similar to that name.

Use the first method above. If your hard drive has bad areas, nothing can boot. Use "fsck" to fix the bad areas. This method should on almost all Linux-based distros. Please post your results.

You can also read the forum on Ubuntu that list other options to try.

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