December 31, 2009

How do I instal Ubuntu on a Packard Bell B.V.?

Happy New Year!  

I am completely new to all things Linux and am trying to instal Unbuntu on a Packard Bell BV (EasyNote XS, 20Gb hard drive, approx. 1 Gb RAM).  I have been using a liveCD of version 9.10 Karmic Koala, found at the back of a publication called Linux: The Complete Manual, published 2009.  Problem:  When I get to the result of the partitioning scan I cannot get the entire screen up to be viewed.  Therefore, the option I want (erase and instal on entire disc) (or any other option, for that matter) cannot be chosen by clicking "Forward", and the installation process comes to a grinding halt.  I have tried three times.  The screen will not scroll so that I can see what is at the bottom of the page.

 Is this a Ubuntu problem or a Packard Bell one?  Any suggestions about how to get round this?

 Any and all help much appreciated.




I filed a bug report at:

I filed a bug report at:

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I know it's possible because I see this tweet:

I know it's possible because I see this tweet:

I also have this problem with the Eee PC 701. The problem is that the monitor is too small to see the entire window. This is a bug in Ubuntu, so I think I will file a bug report about it. By the way, you might consider using the (Ubuntu Netbook Remix) rather than the standard Ubuntu as it better suits a small screen.

Even though you've got a Packard, not an Asus, I think that most of your questions about installing Ubuntu on a netbook will be answered by installing-ubuntu-karmic-koala-asus-eee-pc]

With my Eee experiences, I know of a couple different ways to get around this problem of too big windows:
1. Use an external monitor for the installation process.
2. Just guess where the button is and use tab to select the button, then press enter. (It sounds stupid, but actually this is the method I normally use).
3. Open the terminal and run this command:
* gconftool-2 –set /apps/compiz/plugins/move/allscreens/options/constrain_y –type bool false
* By pressing Alt + left mouse you can drag larger windows using the mouse pad now -> (which means you can drag the window up to access the bottom buttons)

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You might want to try to run the installation in so called 'text mode'It isn...

You might want to try to run the installation in so called 'text mode'
It isn't as pleasing to the eye as the graphical setup, but it gets the job done. Afterwards you can see into your graphics problem. Sounds like a very low resolution (vga?) video mode.
Btw. it seems you need a different installation CD than the graphical one. You should be able to find it at ubuntu's downloads.

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