April 18, 2016

How do I install a .run file in Kali?

I'm trying to install Metasploit on my Kali VM. I have downloaded the metasploit-latest-linux-x64-installer.run file from rapid7.com. How can I run the installer in Kali? In the terminal I have changed my directory to the downloads directory.... cd/home/user/downloads...and I have changed the mode of the file to execute....chmod +x metasploit-latest-linux-x64-installer.run...and tried to run it... ./ metasploit-latest-linux-x64-installer.run. I still can't get it to work. Any suggestions?

Answer to the question

First of all open terminal, navigate to location where you downloaded the file and make the file executable:

chmod +x metasploit-latest-linux-x64-installer.run

And then run the program



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Answer to the question

It appears that you have accidentally added a space in between the period forward slash in the command you ran: 

./ metasploit-latest-linux-x64-installer.run

Should be:


As I side note, metasploit is already found in Kali-rolling 16.1 are you using a different version in your VM?


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