January 17, 2013

How exactly should I go about getting an XBox Wireless N Adapter to work with Slacko Puppy Linux?

I have an older desktop that I am setting up for my younger brother, and I have it set to multiboot Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, and Slacko Puppy Linux. My only way to connect to the internet on this older machine, is with an XBox Wireless N Adapter that I obtained from a friend. Is there any way to make it work correctly with Puppy Linux, and maybe even Windows? Any help that could be provided would be greatly appreciated. I would just buy a more compatible wireless adapter card, but I enjoy the challenge of making the current one work, although I've tried everything I know to do for it...

The Xbox network adapter was never intended to be used as an adapter for a PC...

The Xbox network adapter was never intended to be used as an adapter for a PC. You might be able to get the adapter to work through Window's auto-driver manager, as it might automatically search for your driver on start up. Linux however, will probably not be able to find the driver for your device considering that Linux is short on some drivers for network adapters as it is, let alone an Xbox network adapter. There is the slim chance though, that Puppy Linux will discover the device and search for a generic driver for the device. But again the chances are slim. So, in short, the best you can do for any of the three OS's is to just plug it in, wait, and see if your OS can find a driver for it.

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