September 8, 2011

how to fix problems with ubuntu 11.04 on laptop?

i recently installed ubuntu 11.04 on my lenovo 3000 g530 laptop and i am starting to notice some problems
i first started last week when i logged in to my desktop it froze and my startup song kept looping over and over so i powered it down and restarted and it was fine then when i shut the computer down it to over five minutes for it to turn off now its done this over 4 different times (the freezing and the shut down) now yesterday it i would like to say it crashed (not sure on that though) because i was in the middle of doing something and the screen went black and all of this stuff came up on the screen (something about a bug saying it cant handle the kernel or some thing like that) its done this 4 times now
what i want to know is was this caused by something i did and how to fix it.
also i dont know if this is relevant but i installed a new ram card in the laptop last week could the hardware change have caused any problems i went from 3 gigs of ram to 4 gigs if it matters to anyone btw i shut down the laptop today and the screen went black and all of this data stuff started scrolling up the screen really fast
and i couldnt get it to stop i know it sounds confusing the way i explained it but ive never had any problems like this before this is the first major problem ive had with ubuntu

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