August 7, 2015

How to get and install Linux EASILY?

I find it all to confussing how to get linux for a old XP??? PLease SIMPLE Steps please. did download a file but windows says cant burn a unknown program? too confusing, love to get linux but all too complex to get

If you want a "stick it in and go for it" solution, you can go to ...

If you want a "stick it in and go for it" solution, you can go to ( ) and choose the distribution you would like to try. Either on disk or USB thumb drive and buy it for a nominal fee.

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Download and install Unibootin for Windows....

Download and install Unibootin for Windows.

Download the install image for the Gnu/Linux OS of your choice. I recommend Mageia 5 for noobs as it has a very, very good graphic user interface (gui) tool for configuring your system; the Mageia Control Center. I recommend the non live DVD for installation as it will detect any needed non-free firmware you may need and will offer to install it for you.

Follow the instructions from Unibootin for burning your media to CD or DVD. Should also put the install media on a usb stick. I have never used it, linux has better tools for this job so I have never needed it but it is recommended by too many people to be a bad tool.

The installer is different for all distros, not much but some differences so instructions on installation, at this point, are impossible.

They are all pretty well set up, just follow the instructions for each step carefully.

Most distros have a page on their sites with full instructions on installing and some have them included on the install media.

Windows has fairly crappy tools for a lot of functions. The problem you are running into is no surprise as they also really don't want you to have that freedom of choice. But there are also CD burners, don't know which ones myself, that will burn directly to CD without a problem. You would have to search for them yourself. Unibootin is easy to find.

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Download the iso for ubuntu or linux mint...

Download the iso for ubuntu or linux mint
Download xpcdburner
Choose burn image in xpcdburner and select the downloaded iso
Boot from burn cd
Follow install instructions

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