March 20, 2015

How to install linux on XP laptop

I have a laptop with XP, and it is suggested that Linux is a better bet than updating to windows 7 etc so how to install Linux etc, over my Windows XP

Hello john1940,...

Hello john1940,

I would recommend you to install a Ubuntu-LTS-based(14.04) Linuxdistro like Xubuntu because they usually are very beginner friendly. And Xubuntu 32bit because I guess the laptop is a old laptop. You can download Xubuntu here:

Choose a Mirror-Server and Download the file "xubuntu-14.04-desktop-i386.iso".

Now you can burn this ISO file on a DVD. If you don't know how to this you can watch this video.

You could also make a bootable USB stick but it could be that the laptop doesn't support booting from USB. You can make a bootable USB Stick with the tool LinuxLiveUSBCreator

Before trying to install Xubuntu, you should make a backup. If you install Xubuntu Linux "over" your Windows XP, all the data that is stored on the laptops harddrive will be deleted.

Then boot from the DVD. Now you can choose your language and try out Xubuntu. The following video shows you at the beginning how to install Xubuntu over Windows XP.

Another instruction on

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