May 2, 2015

How to install startech 4 port pci sata raid controller drivers in mint 17.1

18 yr old Old Dell Dimension 2400 tower with 2GB memory (max), nVidia Graphics (w/memory) and 2.66GHz bus.

5 RAID rack dumb tower with four 160GB IDE hard drives to be JBOD (not setting up a RAID; Just a JBOD)

Independent 460W PSU attached to RAID/JBOD

StarTech 4 port PCI SATA RAID controller board in Dimension PCI bus

Each SATA cable from controller going to a StarTech Bi-Directional SATA/IDE Adapter Converter (dongle)

Each Adapter Converter plugged into back of 40 pin IDE 160GB hard drives and everything powered by external PSU

I'm told by the manufacturer that this setup will work in Linux as well as Windows, however, I see nothing related to Linux driver(s) installation and Mint 17.1 does not recognize controller board nor do any of the Enter board BIOS commands work.

Any thoughts about this from anyone?

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