March 9, 2018

How to make my own Linux Distro?

Hey guys,

I'm kind of new to Linux, just installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my Dell Latitude E7240, but I am not to keen on the UI of Ubuntu. I have been thinking about creating an operating system of some sort for a long time now, and I thought why not try it out by creating a Linux Distro? I was thinkning, as well, maybe making it an android based distro, so instead of installing .deb files and apps from Ubuntu Software, install .apk files and run those instead. That way, there would be a wider range of apps for me to download and install.

Any answers would be perfect right now!


Kyran Gough

Answer to the question would be a good starting-point. There 2 flavors one using Sys-V the other Systemd. To understand the boot-process might be useful.

Usually you provide an initial RAM filesystem (initrd). This contains all your applications to enter PID 1. However initramfs will be covered later in Beyond Linux From Scratch.





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Answer to the question

Don't know about the android thing --- but for creating your own Linux distro - check out this article

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