July 25, 2011

How to recover from a ecryptfs error that locks out your logon capability, it says to activate-ecryptfs-private to decrypt the system. how do I do that?

My Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is not going to the login screen after the GRUB screen. I gets all black and flashes jumbled screen data the show the standard video card or system error message popup. I then try to correct the video with the nVidia proprietary drivers, but nogo. I do everything else listed to recover, but nogo.
I then just go to console prompt, and there is a phrase above the prompt that say something to the fact of using 'activate-ecryptfs-private' to access my data. I do not know what this is, but I try it and it asks for my access code? I don't understand, I only rebooted after a Update Manager update. I had a terminal window open doing some other programs installs for gnash, but i closed it after it was done. I then rebooted as Update Manager had said. When it came back it was like I said previously.

Try out these two simple commands:...

Try out these two simple commands:
mount -t ecryptfs /home/.ecryptfs//.Private /
And then
ecryptsfs-add-passphrase --fnek

Also u see here: http://efreedom.com/Question/6-23082/Home-Folder-Decrypted

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Look at these links...

Look at these links



I believe that you setup your profile to be encrypted until you login, but for got to copy the passphrase.

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