January 3, 2014

How-to steps to recover Data from hard-drive?

Hello everyone I'm trying to recover pictures, music and documents from my hard-drive (The most important are the pictures). -My Laptop died, it will only boot to the gateway logo and won't go into bios. -I am going to send the laptop computer back to Gateway/Acer which is in Texas because its under warranty. I tried to get the data out of the hard-drive before I sent the laptop in, I removed it and tried connecting the drive to a "USB 2.0 to IDE or SATA drive adapter" (CablesToGo 20014oC13) connected to my old XP desktop. -After working with a technician over the phone, we were unable to assign the drive a letter and gave-up. -Now I will be trying to connect it to a new windows 8 laptop for this process. I took the drive to a tech at the Tigerdirect store to see if he could get my info out, he put it up on the machine (while in front of me) and said, "it does not show any personal files or windows system, and it has bad sectors and a partition", and concluded with "It may have been partially erased". I googled for info on how to recover data from a bad drive and came across the a website " http://www.wikihow.com/Recover-a-Dead-Hard-Disk " -I was thinking of going with #3 "Using Linux to recover your Data", so here I am at the Linux source. I need very detailed steps to help me to walk me through this process, including the links to download programs. -I usually fumble my way through by trail and error, concerning computer things, on my own. -This wiki article said a wrong step could be disastrous. -The first step looks like I need to mirror the drive? I appreciate any help -Thank you Norm- The drive is a "Seagate Momentus 5400.6" 500GB (the computer said there was about 100GB used before it died -for what I don't know- my stuff is only about 20GB. The laptop is a Gateway NV76R24u, running windows 8, I didn't update to windows 8.1. -I mostly use a Firefox browser. END

Basically, you can go to distrowatch.com and order a copy of a Linux...

Basically, you can go to distrowatch.com and order a copy of a Linux distribution on a cd (one that is a Live CD version). You will need a usb thumb drive of the approximate size of the data you will be copying, 32 gb should do. When the cd arrives, place it in the cd drive and boot your machine, you should see a brief comment about a "boot menu press " during the boot process. Press that key and when you are shown a menu , select to boot from the internal cd-rom drive. Let it come up completely. Insert your usb drive and it will open in a window. On the desktop, you will see an icon about "Computer". Open this and locate your harddrive, the name may vary. Double click to open it. Search the folders to find your pictures and documents and drag them to the USB window to copy. Now you'll have your data saved and you can return your machine to the factory.

as a side note, you can also delete those files on the hard drive after copying to assure privacy.

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Search for a program called "photorec", it is found on some bootable Linux...

Search for a program called "photorec", it is found on some bootable Linux cd's. I think Knoppix may include it in there Live CD. It will recover all type of files, photos, etc...

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