December 13, 2011

I am about to appear in RHCE 6 exam, any suggestion or tips for prep?

I know this is not a usual question all I want to is a help or tips to crack my RHCE 6 exam.
I have heard that RHCE 6 is much more tough then RHCE 5 and number of failures are much more in RHCE 6 exam.

All of you are gurus in linux I will be grateful if any of you would give tips or any suggestion for RHCE 6 exam?

If I solve more then 20 or 30 dumps will I be able to clear RHCE or atleast RHCA?

Answer to the question

Hey, Best of luck for your exam :-)

According to me, Time management is must you have to divide your time and give you 100% I would love to share few tips it will help you a lot:- 1st get the idea from online, watch videos, read informative articles, online tutorials, user community or forum sites.

I have done RHCSA course Koenig Solutions I would love to share few resources with you I hope it will help you

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I wish you success...

I wish you success
I am also prepare for this exam

Rechil Colin how I can contact you ??

many thanks

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tips that are not covered by the NDA...

tips that are not covered by the NDA
read the redhat documentation and learn to work on rhel OS's

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Hello Vibhuti Thakur,...

Hello Vibhuti Thakur,

1.) RHCSA Exam Study Guide ""
2.) ""
3.) ""

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The biggest challenge on this exam will be ur ability to manage ur time. ...

The biggest challenge on this exam will be ur ability to manage ur time. This is even more important now because exams r given on virtual machines most probably. Also the actual test instructions will be on the screen. This means u will be flipped thru different windows very often, which can be a huge time waster if u are not careful.
U must be very comfortable with RHEL 6 KVM setup & must know how to use a KVM virtual.
U must know how to restrict access to machines and servers. Iptables can do job of this but please don’t forget about tcp_wrappers and the /etc/hosts.deny & /etc/hosts.allow config files. Most of that kind of exam is about network services.
Of-course know how to setup/configure iscsi.
Never disable FIREWALL.
And last but not least, Make practice and practice especially on command line tools and scripts. Read their study mats, search on the web for RHCE or gather info from other sources.
See here for more:
and also link here:

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