May 17, 2016

I am interested in switching to Linux when my current notebook expires.

Answer to the question

"notebook expires"=?

You could run Ubuntu Linux on many old netbooks; even the EeePC.  I do that, 'for fun'.

If you are looking for a modern tablet with Linux, your choices are limited,  You could buy a BQ Aquaris but please note that it is *not* for the faint-hearted; more like a toy for dedicated Linux users who won't be 'told what to do' by Microsoft, Apple or Google' and will gladly sufer for it.  Its small 10" size makes multiple windows impractical. If you intend to integrate your new netbook/tablet with a phone and that is not a Linux one, think again on what you want to be able to do because Calendar integration will not be smooth and you may have to resort to browsers.

In conclusion: "Interested in switching" is a healthy attitude. Expecting parity with other OSs out of the box is unwise.  Freedom requires at least some tinkering.

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