November 8, 2016

i am new to this plz refer me a best distro for my pc?....

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Hi, you never mention your PC's confugaration. I think, Ubuntu is the best linux distros.

Here is Top 10 Linux distro:

1. Ubuntu

2. Linux Mint

3. PCLinuxOS

4. elementary OS

5. Puppy Linux

5. Puppy Linux

7. openSUSE

8. Fedora

9. Arch

10. Debian


Good luck

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You will probably be better off using a more generic and commonly used Linux flavour.

If you are new to Linux, I'd go with Ubuntu.

For desktops and laptops it has a very wide and well supported device drivers and is quite user-friendly.

For server-grade, I recommend RHEL/OEL/CentOS.

Good luck.  

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You don't mention your PC's hardware specifications, but I use Linux Lite ( on my desktop and laptop PCs.  It has very good documentation in their Help Manual and an involved and friendly support forum for tech support.

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