February 8, 2014

I do I install linux on a MSI CR600 laptop?

I've attempted to install various linux diso without success

Since the partition methods for Windows 8 have changed since previous...

Since the partition methods for Windows 8 have changed since previous versions of Linux were released, you might consider installing to a pen
flash drive (memory stick) and booting it up. I can recommend the newer
HDMI 3.0 flash drives as being somewhat faster than the old HDMI 2.0 or 1.0 drives. I didn't notice any specification issues with your laptop preventing this from being done: http://www.msi.com/product/nb/CR600.html#?div=Specification . Most current distros have existing methods for this, Ubuntu Linux being one of the easiest to install. Just boot up Windows first..and check the drive. It should be
formatted in FAT32 mode (32-bit format)..but will work on almost all Linux operating systems. When you get to the install part of Ubuntu where they ask you what disk to use, check for the memory size of your
mem stick to see if that matches up...don't go by the disk address numbers, but write down the ones they give you. It is ok not to create
a Linux SWAP partition if you have lots of RAM on your system. Here is a link to the Ubuntu Flash drive install procedure:


Similar procedures exist for almost all Linux distributions, just Google
"Linux USB install procedure for XXXXXXX operating system". Good luck,
maybe someone else has the 'involved answer' for installing around a Win8 partition...I remember reading it once, and did one...but can't recommend doing that to a laptop you just purchased...you could violate
your warranty. WW

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