January 20, 2015

I have been advised it may be possible to overcome a lockout, put in place by a scammer, by downloading a Linux operating system to a CD and then loading it into my computer. Booting my computer from it. Is this correct, and if so how do i go about it?

How do I download Linux operating system to CD?, then use the CD to overcome a computer from which I have been locked out by scammer.

Let's assume you are using a desktop with a Dell-like built-in backup....

Let's assume you are using a desktop with a Dell-like built-in backup.
This also means you have no backup DVD or CD.

1. Obtain a Ubuntu DVD or CD (or make one on another system)..sometimes you can use the ones from public libraries..IF they are not extremely out of date (32-bit or earlier than version 8.04).

2. Place the DVD/CD in your optical drive..and boot it up. After running it in "live mode" (checking some of the options is ok...doing a
CD/DVD verification etc..)...then insert a flash card or flash drive into
one of your hdmi ports..and make sure that system sees it.

3. Then double click on you Windows partition disk..and see if you can copy pertinent data/files you need from that partition/disk.

4. When you are satisfied with what you have...scan your flashdrive using the ClamTK program (install it online providing your internet connection is working)..and check for malicious software you "may have
copied" from that Windows partition. If you have a "clean flash drive"
(make sure IT WAS SCANNED..sometime ClamTK snags up after install)..then
proceed to (5)

5. Assuming you DO NOT HAVE A BACKUP DVD...there are methods of accessing
your Windows backup partition (more than that I do not want to venture into here)..but these steps are usually outlined on the site your manufacturer lists for recovery procedures. For instance for Dell ..google "Dell recovery procedures"..or "ASUS recovery"...or whatever you have.

With a DVD/CD backup you follow what the disk tells you.

I have had some experience with the so-called "stick-em' up worms"..that want to you pay 400 bucks or whatever to recover your files..and drive.
DON'T DO IT. You have no guarantee that software will work.,and no recourse if it doesn't. I did help a friend who had something similar happen to his wintel laptop (hp laptop)..and he did not have a backup dvd either. I had to use a Windows 7 DVD and then reinstalled his BIOS just to be sure. Good luck with these procedures..but taking your computer to Best Buy...Geek boys..or another repair shop is the only sure way if you do not have any backup DVD's or recoveryware. Living with
Ubuntu installed on a damaged partition PC is not that bad just frustating. WINE (the windows emulator program in most forms of Linux)..can give you access to most windows programs..even Internet Explorer 10 under 64-bit Win7. The trick is NOT TO REINFECT your hardware again..those worms can hide in almost all kinds of cache..modem cache, printer spoolers, even ATT-Uverse modems cache which are usually
protected. Post again if you have more questions and/or success..anyone else out there with useful info here pls post. WW

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