February 25, 2016

I installed linux yesterday, now audio not working?

i installed linux yesterday and it worked great. then two hors ago my audio , sound stopped working. why does my computer have no audio?

Try this command in a console:...

Try this command in a console:
which amixer

If amixer is installed you should get something like this:

Otherwise, install alsa-utils to get amixer:
sudo apt-get install alsa-utils

This command will help diagnose potential problems:
Look in the output for Master control, or Speaker set to off, or volume set to 0

Try any of the the individual amixer commands in this file to restore operation:

amixer set Master Playback Switch on
amixer set Master Playback Volume 100%
amixer set Master on
amixer set Master pvolume 100%
amixer set Speaker on
amixer set Speaker pvolume 100%
amixer set Headphone on
amixer set Headphone pvolume 100%
amixer set Mic on

If this works, put some or all the above in a file with your editor of choice, say speaker.sh Make it executable with the command:
chmod +x speaker.sh
Execute it with:
Hopefully this restores your sound.

This command may be usefull in testing your speakers:
speaker-test -t sine -f 400 -c 2 -l1 -P 10

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