October 9, 2014

I keep getting internal system error. How do I find the problem?

Let's assume for discussion's sake you will fill us in on certain details...

Let's assume for discussion's sake you will fill us in on certain details later..and you just want a simple procedure or hardware test you can run before taking your computer to a repair shop. Remember most repair locations won't deal with "bad linux installs"..they will ask you if you had windows 8 or something on your system..and you tossed in a Linux DVD and then "kaboom"..your computer doesn't work anymore.

1. Acquire an old Ubuntu DVD (public libraries often have DVDs in their
computer books...)even Ubuntu 8 is still useful here.

2. Boot up that DVD in live mode and check your systems disk(s) setups
using the GRUB Disk Utility. It at least will tell you what is on your drives..and whether "some items" (like Windows) is still reachable.

3. IF YOU CANNOT DO ANY OF THIS..take to shop and have them check the hardware directly. The Geek Squad locations at BestBuy still have that handy pc-to-pc cable that can fix BIOS issues and perform all kinds of magic tricks known only to the geek boys and girls..and THEY WON'T CHARGE YOU (usually...don't bring in an IBM server or similar).

Other stuff...tricks...repair issues..bad power supplies and hard drives.
there might be someone reading this who could help...but get the benefit of 1 or 2 technical service shop opinions before coming back and posting.

We need to know how smart our smart guys really are. WW

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