August 16, 2010

I tried to install Ubuntu for netbooks and when I start up it brings me to the grub rescue command line.

     I have tried insmod commands but it just says "error: unknown file system"

Also I cannot use a live cd because my netbook has no dvd drives. I don't

think I could get a usb dvd because it needs to install the driver. Ive tried looking

everywhere for a solution and I am hoping sombody can help.

 It says:error: no such device: 1443bb61-37da-402d-aa10-1c7abb58f9d3 

grub rescue>

The only way that you can install ubuntu on a netbook computer is making a...

The only way that you can install ubuntu on a netbook computer is making a Ubuntu Live USB. If your computer have installed Win XP or 7, you just need to download the ubuntu cd/dvd iso and find a program that can copy and write the system on the pendrive. Even if you have a Ubuntu CD live (but you will need to have a Ubuntu CD or DVD iso), you can just boot from another computer or machine and copy the iso file on the usbpendrive. I found a couple of links, that can be useful for do that task:

My recomendation is that you make the Ubuntu live USB and boot the live system and test if everything is detected by ubuntu, don't install the system until you are shure that all the devices are detected by ubuntu because if you erase the partition or format without testing first you can not restore your data or your operating system. So better to prevent than latter to regret. Good luck and if you have another question, please ask.

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