June 16, 2016

I’m currently using windows 7 and my question is will my data files such as Microsoft documents, videos, and music be usable with Linux if I get rid of windows and all its problems?

Data compatibility issue?

Answer to the question

Yes.  Your documents, videos, and music will be usable with Linux if you got rid of Windows.  Just for an example, most Linux distributions designed for the desktop will include VLC Media Player for videos and music, and LibreOffice for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.  If not these programs, then other equivalents are usually included or available via the software repository.

As a test, you can download some installation media, create a bootable USB flash drive or DVD, and boot your computer using the Live Media.  Then you can open one of your documents, videos, or music and see for yourself...all without actually installing Linux.  Once convinced, then you can click on the icon to install.

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