October 21, 2016

Is installing Ubuntu on this type of system possible?

Hi guys,
I am a student at a University and Linux is an essential part of my course. I have tried installing it, the first time Windows would just load without dualboot and I need dualboot guys Windows is important to me too. The second time I tried, however, the GNU command prompt would appear at the start when I turn on my computer and nothing else and I'd have to type 'exit' to get out of it and load into Windows. So at the end I had to format my computer, because I tried many solutions to get rid of GNU and it wouldn't work. Now, what I am asking is following my computer specifications is it possible to dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu at the same without having to downgrade the BIOS or as such. Below is my spec:
Bios : UEFI
Operating System: Windows 10
Computer type: Acer Aspire V15
Computer RAM: 8GB
Hard Drive: 1TB
Thank you for your help guys!

Answer to the question

Yes. That system is more than enough to run both, or 3. 

Install Windows first , using on part of the disk. Let that complete and reboot a few times to make sure Windows is working as expected. 

Now install Linux. During install , tell it to use the unused part of the disk. When it finishes, it will install GRUB or similar boot manager and you will see both systems listed. 

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Answer to the question

Yes.  While installing Ubuntu, you should see a "Install Ubuntu Alongside Windows" option.

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