June 29, 2011

Is it possible to connect a mobile broadband USB dongle and run it on Ubuntu for internet and email?

I have a Huawei mobile modem and it is recognised by the program but it will not load and I can not open it to get at installation files with the programs I have in Ubuntu. Is there a way to install it or do I need some more info from the ISP?

Hi, you don't give us a lot if info there....

Hi, you don't give us a lot if info there.

What version of Ubuntu are you running and what version of Huawei dongle do you have and what program is it that recognize the dongle?

However I don't think you have to install or do much to get it working (that's only for Windows users), use the Network Manager in Ubuntu to set it up.

See this page for instructions:

See there is a tab for "Mobile Brodband", it's almost to easy.

You can also check here for some additional information on hardware and provider support:

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