John is correct, but I will expand a little....

John is correct, but I will expand a little.

A Command Line Based text editor is an editor with a very simple interface that does not tie into the X windows system, such as vi, vim, nano, pico or emacs. These can be useful in recovery mode or on a system which does not have X11 installed.

In contrast A Graphical Unser Interface based editor such as gedit, kate, gvim or xemacs requires the X11 system to be isntalled and running to ties into the GUI libraries which in tern case those applications to use more memory.

There is not a "stock" text editor on any system, only several included applications which are available for you to use, in the case of KDE or gnome based systems they automatically install the GUI based text editor that is part of their suite of software.

It is completely up to you to decide which you prefer using. I have a full GUI system, but prefer to run vim from within a terminal because it does have much much power and saves quite a bit of time once you learn the commands.

Since you are learning about vim, checkout the -x option ;)

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