October 1, 2017

Lab 19.2 | QuotaCheck Issues

Dear All,

I ran into this issue while performing lab 19.2 task-2

2. Initialize quotas on the new filesystem, and then turn the quota checking system on.

Change /etc/fstab to usrquota

$ sudo mount -o remount /mnt/tempdir;

upon remounitng, it showed an error that the device is busy and already mounted.

Then; while enabling 

. $ sudo quotacheck -u /mnt/tempdir

the error: Mountpoint (/path/to/mountpoint) not found, however chekcing up via "df -h" it shows the devices is mounted and i could use it too.

Any Idea what am I missing? If someone require the lab pdf, I could attach it too upon asking.

Answer to the question


I had another spare Debian machine on my VM, performed that lab easily.

So seems like there's something wrong with my xubuntu only. Also just for a little info, when I opened up the xubuntu vm machine today, it directed to "Emergency Mode" which I dug out the solution by removing the recent entry of /dev/sda* in /etc/fstab file. maybe if its related, but if given an answer it would be a learning opportunity for me. If not, I would recreate a new machine anyway!

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