April 27, 2011

Linux-CMOS time sync?

I installed fedora, slackware in a same system. During installation, I accidentally configured the date as 29/4/2011 instead of 26/4/2011. After installing both distros, In fedora I found the wrong date and corrected that. but, after that when I boot the slackware, it says, "problem in mounting root partation." . and before to that there was a message, indicating the that, distro was installed on 29/4/2011 but, now date is 27/4/2011. Slackware refused to boot. Same story with same error message with fedora too. Then I changed the date in CMOS, both distros are working fine now. How can I change the date now? In which place the distro installed date get stored?

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I'm not sure about Slackware, but in Fedora, you can use the hwclock command:

hwclock --systohc

This will set the hardware clock to the current system time. You can also do the inverse:

hwclock --hctosys

To display what date/time the hardware clock is currently set to:

hwclock --show


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