August 20, 2015

Linux with taskbar like Windows 95/98

I am a Windows user and I would like to try Linux. I would prefer a distribution whose taskbar is similar to that of Windows 95/98. Let's imagine I have just opened three windows of Firefox, two windows of a word processor and one folder. I want my taskbar to look like this: // But definitely not like this: // In other words, I want every window to be represented by its own separate icon/button on my taskbar, without any grouping. Is this possible in any Linux distribution?


Since your an older, non-supported, Windows user I would suggestion trying Linux Mint Mate edition. It will give you what your looking for as far as look and feel. Another I would recommend lightly is ZorinOS 9 and now 10. They have a look switcher that looks like XP, 7, Mac, Unity, etc. It's build on Ubunut, like Linux Mint, so the same software that Ubuntu uses, Linux Mint and Zorin will run as well.

Hope that helps.

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Any distribution with KDE desktop..
Tou, perhaps, just need to add the Taskbar in the panel.

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