August 16, 2014

Linux won't install on my computer

Hi, I'm new here. Recently, I found an old gateway in my basement. I'd like to re purpose it with linux. Unfortunatley, for some reason, linux just won't boot on this computer. I tried usb drives, CDs, and even installing linux on a harddrive with another computer, then putting it into the gateway, and it didn't work. I reset the cmos, messed around with bios settings, and it still will not boot. I've tried fedora, Ubuntu, Puppy Linux, Linux Mint, DSL, and tinycore, and none of them work. HELP!!
RAM- 1792 mb (i have tried different ram, still no dice)
CPU- intel pentium 4 3.2 GHZ
ps. Windows, and kolibri os(a non linux os) both work perfectly on this computer. For some reason, only linux doesn't work.

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