February 7, 2015

My xp is severly bugged, i need fresh start, how do i do this?

what os is best for my desktop pc?

I would agree with specialsystems for the most part....

I would agree with specialsystems for the most part.
However, if you just want to start fresh completely, I'd do as suggested and download some distros and try their Live versions. If you see one you like, then install it (which would include formatting your disc so backup your important files FIRST) and go forward from there.
I would suggest looking at Mint and Zorin since the learning curve from Windows is small.

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1. Are you considering purchasing a newer--or brand new system?...

1. Are you considering purchasing a newer--or brand new system?
2. Do you have any experience with Linux, Macs, advanced Windows(7 or 8)
and/or do you have access to outside help,for instance a local public
library with computer courses?
3. Is there a Best Buy or similar store with computer courses near youo?
4. Does your local public library have any Linux books with CDs or DVDs
for instance recent Ubuntu DVDs..version 10 or later (32/64 bit)

If so...use the info in those books/courses to help you make your decision, DON'T WIPE OUT WINXP AND START OVER..there are ways to still
use XP with newer 32-bit Linux versions and use the security capabilities
of openSUSE13...say..and not do internet stuff on your old box/laptop.

Partition you hard drive only if you need to...there are flash drives now
that can work with Linux multi-boot situations..get one greater than 16GB and with HDMI 3.0 if you can. I still use an older eMachines 32-bit
box with openSuse13 and get secure net access..downloading stuff IF I need to on openSUSE13 and transferring it to WinXP. This is NOT NEEDED
but the capability is there. WW

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