February 12, 2016

Need advice for dual booting

I am totally new to this but am tired of windows, I have tried and worked with the linux mint program that is on DVD it is the 64 bit version was running it on a old 32 bit laptop,,very impressed and wish to proceed to a dual install on the following: EEE box no cd dvd reader writer Currently has windows 7 professional (would like to dual install if possible processor is intel atom CPU 2/25 @1.80 ghz RAM 2.00GB system 32 bit service pack1 C drive 79GB about half consumed with windows7 D drive 203 GB with only windows back up I am not a computer whizz so any assistance would have to be in the KISS mode Keep it simple I am stupid I like the linux mint so I need to know which one of the packages for linux mint I would need for my computer,I surf the web, news and amazon. I do some basic picture work and basic letter writing. The installation packages available are so many I am not sure what to get and would appreciate some guidance for the installation of the system in a dual mode keeping windows in place for the time being. My eee box does allow the use of a thumb drive Thanks in advance the fng33 but learning

Chosen Answer: 

Try this link:...

Try this link:


And look for this quotation:

there's an easy choice that will let you dual-boot both XP and Mint. Simply pick the first option on the Installation Type menu: 'Install Linux Mint alongside them'.


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