Not too long ago, I was an on line volunteer for some non-profit...

Not too long ago, I was an on line volunteer for some non-profit organizations and NGO's . Many of these organizations are in third world countries, where money is scarce. Since the only link between volunteers and the representatives of these organizations was the internet, there is a need for affordable and easy OS's. This is where I first learned about Linux (Ubuntu). One of the tasks given to the volunteers was to test if it was easy. It was, and in many projects it was used. Not everybody can afford $100 for a piece of software.
Also, the Hellenic American Union (Greece) not only uses it but gives courses/certificates in Linux. (Red Hat Academy).
I believe that UNESCO supports Linux as Open Source, like it supports all open source material. And the French Police use Linux as well. There are 20 LUG in Greece alone.and since a group should have more than a few members, that means that there are many users. There are many who probably have it on a usb device or exterior hard drive, or along side other OS's.

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