September 4, 2014

Not wanting to be ugly, but how many I want to load Linux, how do I do it questions need to be asked? Does nobody search the questions first?

Some problems are simple....

Some problems are simple.
Some answers beautiful.
Ugly is as Ugly does..Forrest Gump (not really..more like a frustrated PC user).
Linux is beautiful...but first timers often get ugly in the face first time out.
Assuming you mean " may I load Linux"?...and " do I get my questions answered"..and "doesn't anyone search these questions?". Well
1. Loading in your live DVD is simple...after you perform media checks,
RAM checks..and make sure you have internet access during installs (can be tricky on wifi boxes that want you to run NDIS wrappers)..anyway..just
follow the install prompts (or if using a Ubuntu install procedure from the book...always a nice read there..)until what is on your screen matches (somewhat) what is in your book..or required by the prompt.

2. IF something goes wrong..and you messed up your install...there is usually a "quit" or "cancel" button..just click on it and start over. I
have used those buttons several times just to check out media when the
install was missing a media check program. Sometimes even fighting with the partition program is a useful learning experience..why simple partitions and volumes are often better than complicated,extended, and logical partitions.

3. When in doubt...find a "Linux partner" to sit with you and watch you install something...even if it is just "gedit on Ubuntu"..for the 10th time...doing it right..means doing it right all the time..not when
if you blink..your system crashes (aside here..YES I have heard of people
who have experienced severe computer traumas..even people who when they even get near a laptop..the laptop shuts down, blows up..or catches a virus). Pray for those people. YES the UC Berkeley Computer Lab reported
"demon infected machines" back in the 70's..and would bring in local psychics to provide "healing auras"...over the batch file processors right before "check day" everyone would get paid that weekend.

Where was I?

Oh yeah..

There are several places on the net to get answers..Ubuntu blogs on (good place for debian answers as well)..LinuxMint stuff on, google (fix my "type in your issue") and look for your answer in the BOLDFACE writing.

You have to WANT TO LEARN linux here...if you hate scares you..or
you simply don't want to be around guys and gals in T-shirts ..beanie caps and drinking Code Red Mountain Dew all night long...give us a break.

We recognize new people fairly reason this place is here.
Social skills can still be learned over the internet.
Just dig in. WW

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