September 3, 2015

Problems with graphics on Sabayon and Netrunner?

I booted my Toshiba satellite up with Sabayon on a usb key. Everything worked fine. I installed the OS and restarted the computer to begin using as root. It booted up fine and worked great. I installed Libreoffice and Firefox. I restarted the computer a second time. When it came up to Grub I selected the top choice (of course). It booted up and then dropped me to a shell. No errors, warning, complaints, or explanations. I restarted again, this time I let the timer on Grub count down. Same thing. I completed this process 5 or more times. \ Repeat performance from Netrunner. I got more explanation out of Netrunner, however. It referred to it as an "emergency" shell. It said that it "couldn't find root device". Any advice, tips, or tricks?

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