October 22, 2014

Replacing old server with new one but maintain all mappings

I have a Linux server that uses the name Server A, this server is old and I want to add a new server called ServerA_2. Simple enough, build the new server and give it an IP and add it into the DNC conf file on the Linux server running DNS. Here is the issue most mapping's are pointing to Server A and not ServerA_2, now I can create a symbolic link on the server ServerA_2 that points to the mount point of the shares (sitting on another server). So I need to know how to create an alternate name for Server A_2 that shows it as Server A so that all mappings and scripts still work when I turn off the old Server A server and Server A _2 is the only one they see. Or am I looking at this the wrong way? Suggestions and of course walk thru’s are very welcome - learning Linux CentOS the hard way.

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