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I am able to use the password locked drives in Ubuntu. Here is how I do it.
1) connect harddrive to Ubuntu Laptop
2) Run a windows XP virtual machine using vmware player
3) In vmware player menu, connect the WD my passport essential drive to to windows XP
4) In XP vm, it shows unlock dialog. Enter password, then the encrypted drive appears inside the XP virtual machine My Computer.
5) Using vmware player menu, disconnect the drive from XP.
After step 5, the drive automatically mounts in Ubuntu and I am able to read and write to that drive.

This means unlocking (authenticating the drive with correct password) is one time activity. Once done it works with read and write until the drive is powered down. If someone can reverse engineer the unlock.exe that comes with the drive and write equavalent utility or write a wrapper around unlock.exe then we can use it in Linux.

Then after all just wipe your external disk and use other Open Source Software like TrueCrypt ( to get the same result in a more clean way (linux, os-x and win as well), same benefits but stable and multiplatform (and no legacy)


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