August 30, 2011

[solved] HOWTO: install Brother mfc printers and/or scanners drivers in Ubuntu 10.04 or later or Mint 11

If you were like me and the driver for your Brother printer was not available in Synaptic, then you had a headache on your hands. If you go to Brother Solutions Center : Brother Driver for Linux Distributions , you should be able to easily download and install your printer driver with ease. My particular device was a Brother MFC-J410w... Click "Printer Driver". On the next page hit ctrl+f and search for your printer model. Click it, and download the "cupswrapper" *.deb file for your printer.

Make sure you keep the installation window open after you install, as we will need it in a min for further reference.

After that, instead of going into "settings‚Üíadministration‚Üíprinters", open your web browser and type in http://localhost:631 and then under the cups for administrators column click on adding printers and classes and then on add printers and follow the steps to add a printer. You will not be searching for drivers, as instead you will be manually entering a PDD file. You can find that PDD file by going back to the Package Installer clicking on the "included files" tab, and looking for the PDD file. Then in the CUPS printer adding thing, just add the same PDD file that was in the included files tab in package installer.

My MFC-J1410w also happens to be a scanner, which was a bigger headache to install, but it doesnt have to be for you. If you need to set up a brother scanner, Go back to the Brother Solutions Center : Brother Driver for Linux Distributions and click on "Scanner Driver/Scan Key Tool" and then search for your brother product with ctrl+f. Mine happenned to be under the brscan3 models section. Download the brscan driver for your paticular situation (eg: .deb, 32 bit).
Then you will need to follow the instructions on This Page. After the restart, you should be able to scan!

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