June 24, 2009

Suse 10.1, 11.0 Lamp. Joomla, Web server and how to get them working over the internet

I am in Kampala, Uganda and trying to setup a web server at our organisation. We want to be able to host our websites which are made using CMS - Joomla. We are using suse 10.1, 11.0 and already have a mail system based on postfix running on it. Joomla requires LAMP. I read an online tutorial - HowTo: Configure a Linux Apache Web Server on openSUSE 10.x and 11.x (including SSI and CGI)(http://opensuse.swerdna.org/suseapache.html\), the problem is it doesnt cover the MySQL and PHP. Can you help me direct me in the right direction.

We have a global IP address and a registered domain name. A web hosting company used to host our site now we want to host it ourselves are there any additional things/stuff we need to do to host the site - like submission of IP address to DNS servers. How is all that done?

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This guide might be a little better as it covers setting up LAMP via the...

This guide might be a little better as it covers setting up LAMP via the openSUSE repository and utilizing YAST.


To have DNS resolve to your public IP you'll need to have your ISP provider redirect to your DNS server. Usually there is an account setting that you redirect your domain to point to your public IP. But without knowing your provider, DNS set up etc, you'll need to check with them.

Hopefully this helps point you in the right direction.

Cheers - Kryptikos

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