February 8, 2017

svchost usage when running ubuntu 14 on virtualbox

When running ubuntu on my vbox, the svchost hogs up the cpu usage to almost 60%. This is on a machine with 8 GB of RAM and 3.2 Ghz processor. I beleive this has something to do with vbox?

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@TIMBERTY Thanks. It is working properly.


Microsoft Live Support

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Here you can try some solutions:

  • Clear Event Viewer Logs
  • Download and install all available Windows updates
  • Scan your computer for viruses and malware
  • Find and Disable the service that causes the “svchost” high CPU usage problem

After many solution I followed this step-by-step guide: http://errorcodespro.com/fix-svchost-exe-netsvcs-high-cpu-memory-usage/ and successfully resolved the issue. Hope it would be helpful :)

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According to the solutions that I found at https://usefulpcguide.com it seems that there was an issue with your svchost.exe.


#1. Firstly, you need to open Task Manager (press Ctrl + Shift + Esc), then select the Details tab.

#2. In the Details tab, choose the svchost.exe that was using almost 60% of your CPU resource.

#3. Right-click on it and then choose "Go to service(s)."

#4. It will redirect you to the Services tab, and highlight all Windows services that run under this system process, the svchost.exe.

#5. Stop one by one until the CPU usage is back to normal.

That's it! 

By using this way, you will know which is the real reason behind your issue. Based on that result, you can quickly troubleshoot it.

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