November 5, 2016

Swap utilization - Swap in & Swap out

Hello Folks

Being new to this forum , I have few questions that needed information , being a performance tester , I have come accross below topics which kept me guessing linux memory & swap utilization behaviour

a) I have come accross a scenario where the system itself has very few active process but free memeory ( while I consider free -m) at quite low levels, but then there is high swap utilization activity being observed . Now whom should I consider using memory , does this mean Linux kernal just occupied RAM at maximum levels at some point of time then it havent cleaned up though there are no process using it ?

b) I have come accross a discussion where system takes more stress while its trying the swap in / read the pages back from swap space . Is that true , of that matter in what terms is it calulated or what are the parametres that shows up to experience / prove that swap in impacts performance that swap out


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