August 15, 2016

Is there any way to install Windows drivers on a Linux machine and make them work?

Recently bought an Acer monitor, B246WL, and we are having problems with the sound/audio where half of second of sound is not present. Acer recommended 3 options: 1.) reset the audio in the OSD, 2.) replace the cables, and 3.) install a driver to fix the audio issue. The first two options seem not helpful so we want to install the driver. The problem is all the drivers are Windows compatible so I'm wondering a way to install them with Linux or another workaround.

Answer to the question

Well there is something called ndiswrapper that can do what you're talking about.  But I'm doubtful that's the best route.  I don't know your other hardware or the Linux distro you're using, but you may want to pose this question to the forum of that distro.  I suspect it may be a graphics driver or Linux kernel upgrade issue instead of a display driver.

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