November 27, 2010

trouble installing quake2 in ubuntu 10.4

i am currently trying  to install quake 2 in ubuntu 10.4  i already downloaded and installed the quake 2 data installer package but i get this error when i try to install the data from the game using the terminal
robert@laptop:~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure quake2-data
Installing data from CD-ROM
find: `x-nautilus-desktop:///1.volume/players': No such file or directory
xargs: Warning: a NUL character occurred in the input. It cannot be passed through in the argument list. Did you mean to use the --null option?

i am using a disk image to install it it(my laptop has no cd drive)it is a .bin file plus a cue file and i mounted it with acetone i know its a good image because i tested it on a windows pc and it installed fine
i also tried to install it with wine and i did the full install so i wouldn't need to mount the image every time i wanted to play the game but it still tells me i need the the quake2 cd-rom even when the image is mounted. i also have software to convert the file to an iso would that help in any way i figured that it might be a format issue or do i need my actual disk copy
any help would be welcomed

This may not be of much help right now, but you may want to try posting this...

This may not be of much help right now, but you may want to try posting this question in the forum. it allows for more thorough answers, and more people will see it. The answers section is best for short, simple answers. Hopefully we'll see you over there.

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