October 10, 2014

***Urgent!!!***How do I install a downloaded Caelinux 2013 software on my laptop?It keep saying download of software failed!! :(

1. Verify the size of what you downloaded vs. the size they give for the...

1. Verify the size of what you downloaded vs. the size they give for the download at the site...IF THEY DO NOT MATCH download again.
2. Unless you know how to verify checksums..go ahead and burn an iso file
CD/DVD for the program. For CAELinux2013 (which I have burned, installed, and verified before)..should be at least a DVD..unless they have a CD online install option now. Run the Ubuntu "media check" program right before you install.
3. AFTER you have installed to a partition and have performed a simple
system update...check and see if you have ClamTK on your application lists. If not install it..and/or check (if you have a multi-boot setup)..if you have it on another partiiion. I have Ubuntu Studio 14.04
on a flash drive partition...and often perform system scans using it.
For somereason my first install of CAELinux2013 had "either malware..or some bad PUP/PUA (potentially unwanted programs/applications) associated with it. Removing these programs before you add the host of options you have to install on CAELInux keeps your install clean and working. CAUTION..it is better to NOT remove .dlls and .js programs from anything
denoted at WINE..or win32/PUP...st least until you are sure it is bad.
I did this once on Studio..and lost my internet access.
Good Luck with CAELinux 2013 WW

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