April 17, 2014

virtualization requirement question

Current setup:

A server is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 with a single public network interface, containing one IP for the server and two virtual IPs for services running on the server.

Desired setup:

Two virtual machines running on the server and each are using one of the virtual IPs on the host. The hosting provider will not route traffic on the virtual IPs to anything other than the physical server, so a workaround needs to be implemented to allow traffic to the virtual machines.


1 What virtualization product would you recommend using for this implementation? Provide justification based on the following factors: technical strengths over other virtualization solutions, cost (both monetary, such as license costs, and in labour, such as installation, maintenance, support, etc.) and anything else you feel is worth mentioning.
2 Provide an overview of the technical details of the implementation, including the type of network to use in the virtual environment, what workaround to use to allow traffic on the virtual IPs to be routed to the virtual machines, and how management of the virtual machines will be performed. Please include any other technical points you think are important.

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