April 17, 2014

VPN question

A client has performed some network maintenance on their side and, as part of the change, has modified the IP address of some of the servers we connect to, causing us to lose access. Our VPN tunnel terminates behind a firewall on their network. Some of the machines were behind the firewall to begin with, while others were moved behind the firewall as part of the change. To further complicate the situation, the individual servers also run firewalls which only allow access from specific IP ranges. 1 what changes (if any) need to be made on our VPN appliance to restore connectivity to the client's servers. 2 After verifying that the VPN configuration is correct, what should i do to confirm that i have access to the servers? Please help indicate what specific commands you would run. 3 Assuming that i still do not have connectivity to the servers, what should i request the client to do to check that i have been given access to their network? What information should i request from them?

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