April 2, 2016

What are the benefits of Linux compared to windows 10 OS?

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The main advantage of Linux is that it isn't Windows.

Linux has so many distros, not just one interface. It has a whole world of communities contiributing to it's development and support. There are thousands of free, open source applications that you can pick and choose from to find what works best for you.

Good look and enjoy...



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That's kind of a subjective question, so I will answer it subjectively.

To me, the benefits are an open source, customizable, community supported living "thing". The variety of distributions you can choose are endless and Linux will operate on almost any piece of hardware, upgrading isn't necessary. And there are thousands of open source , free applications that you can install at will and do whatever you want to do with your system. Linux isn't some hackers OS that only runs in a dorm room or basement anymore. It's integrated in almost any "smart" object you use or see everyday.

The biggest advantage - it ISN'T Windows .. :)



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Security, fewer issues with viruses


Free and Open Source Software

Fast updates

Support forums dedicated to each linux distribution

Less malware

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